The Netherlands fired Gibraltar 6-0 to lead Group G

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Riot ft World Cup Qualifiers Europe Group G encounter between the Netherlands, the Park Gibraltar at the Stadio transfer Feyenoord of

Holland coach Louis van Bengals are a fantastic job in screening. This World Cup, when they lead Group G, they have 16 points, two more than Norway and Turkey, 2 and 4 respectively.

Starting the game for 9 minutes, the Netherlands took the lead from the left corner. Memphis De Pai opened a prominent Let Virgil van Dijk come in to hit the first post decisively, giving the hosts the lead before 1-0

in the 21st minute. De Pai came to defend his first goal in this game when Davy Klaassen was the man. Passing the ball to the shooting star from Barcelona, charging sharply, leaving no remains, sending the turbine to move 2-0

In injury time, the hosts came to have a 3-0 lead from the penalty spot where Julian Valarino handballed in the penalty area before De Pai fired again, this time past Banda’s hand, ending the first half. at this score.

In the second half, the turbines led to 4-0 in the 46th minute, Noah Lang passed the ball to Denzel Dumfries, sniffing at the point where there was nothing left in

the 74th minute, the Netherlands led to 5-0 anyway, Depay broke the ball. Woot Weghorst headed for substitute Arnot Danjuma and dropped a shot from the right in the

late 86th minute as the Netherlands scored a 6-0 victory from Depay. Made a match with his teammates before stabbing Don Yell to play, pressed with the right in the penalty area into the far post decisively,

resulting in the end of the game. The Netherlands opened the house to chase Gibraltar 6-0, leading the group’s leader to the next.