The English Premier League this week has to give the meeting of Manchester City

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The English Premier League this week has to give the meeting of Manchester City  and Arsenal  as the main match, kicking off on Saturday, August 28 at 6:30 p.m.

This game is not just a big match. But it is a measure of the pulse of Mikel Arteta,  the artillery coach that will be in the position for how long. Because they started their first two league games, they lost both Brentford and Chelsea.

Arsenal’s board has reportedly given Arteta time until the end of next month. If nothing is better, go separate ways. Because whether they give extra money to the team and give them time for a while. But the artillery team in his hands There was no sign of going back to being aggressive at all.

The third game in the Premier League will come against Pep Guardiola,  who may not have started very well, losing 1-0 to Spurs, but the game against Norwich has been loose. Full force, collapsed 5-0, plus new players like Jack Grealish can  score goals too.

City’s players are missing Phil Foden,  who still has a foot injury. And must win that Kevin de Bruyne  will return to the field as a real or not. Other than that, they are together in front of each other’s eyes.

Arsenal has encouraged the return of not less collapsed after the invasion of West Bromwich Albion 6-0 in a battle Carabao Cup second- Pierre – Aimee Derrick Obama Rock the  explosion hat. trick regain confidence after a long time 

However, The English Premier League playing games in the middle of the week. With several key players Compared to Manchester City. Who have a full rest Looks like Arsenal are still at a disadvantage in terms of fitness anyway. Even though some of the main characters have already been rested