“Russian Popeye” shows off the new tattoos

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Top form never stops! “Russian Popeye” shows off tattoos of his favorite politicians. After falling into big news in November last year. That the chemical must be extract in the arm Because otherwise, it may be disabling or even fatal.

Recently, ” Russian Popeye ” or real name Kirill Teresin has returned to the original state again. That’s a gigantic (fake) arm muscle with a troll, burning sensation by posting photos and clips on Instagram. Calling laughter and enthusiasm from fans like nothing has changed in life

for Teresin accepting surgery to remove synthol. Which is a shortcut for those who want to increase muscle size. Which negatively affects his health. Because it was injected into so much that it is deform make breathing difficult and unable to lift his arms. But soon after He returned with another big arm. Amid the bewilderment and warnings from fans of his health,

However, 25-year-old Teresin appears to be disillusione with any of his best wishes. When referred back to the big arms again Ready to continue to create trends in the social world as usual by tattooing the face of his favorite politician Gennady Zyuganov, the head of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. Right

now, Teresin continued to practice mixed martial arts regularly. for the hope of turning pro in the future and have followers on Instagram ruki_bazuki_official His more than 3.1 hundred thousand people ever.