Reduce Pressure, after Cristiano Ronaldo moved back to Manchester United

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After Cristiano Ronaldo moved back to Manchester United , the spotlight was on him. The media were playing Ronaldo’s news the way other players did. There is almost no scene in the Red Devils team.

Jadon Sancho, who moved to the team for a huge fee. The most expensive in this market of Manchester United And the Red Devils fans are not less excited about this deal. It didn’t get the attention it deserved.

Sancho has made his first three appearances for the team this season. Came down as a reserve for 2 games and started as a real one. Still nothing outstanding, no goals, no assists. which would not have expected very high immediately because I have never had any experience in the Premier League Even though growing up in England Because when moving from Manchester City to Dortmund, Sancho has never played in the first team even a single match.

If you look at each other impatiently It could be said. That Sancho did not become the fangs of the team as he had hoped. Because players of this level should be able to release items from the very first match as Bruno Fernandes has already shown. despite having no prior experience in England and has continued to excel until now.

But if viewed from a distance, the England winger has already shown undoubtedly his potential in the Bundesliga. With Sancho reaching 50 goals before Ronaldinho. Aldo can do it again with Man Utd. Plus, the assist was substantial. Just wait for the time to tune in to the new league. new teammates

The arrival of Ronaldo has greatly reduced Sancho’s pressure on the attention of the media and fans. His mental state should have been more relaxed than before. In addition, they also learned various techniques. From seniors who had play in the right wing position in the red devil’s shirt before On the day of the same age.

Mason Greenwood

Mason Greenwood, a rising star, who has established himself as a key figure in the team, scoring three goals in three games is another factor forcing Sancho to speed up his performance because in the first three games of the season. this Greenwood was caught playing on the right wing rather than standing in front of the target.

Cristiano Ronaldo came back this time to help the youngsters. There are many things in the team. Considered to have arrived at the right time. Because he hope for both the number of goals look up to the champion Sale of shirts and images Transferring the experience to other players.