Premier League football after the first 3 games

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Premier League football after the first 3 games, I must say that the rainy weather in London. There is both light and darkness clearly.

We have seen teams like “Chicken Golden Spikes” Tottenham Hotspur and “The Hammer” West Ham United rose to the top two with pride.

Premier League , especially the Spurs After the crisis will be the main players like Harry Kane and striker England captain. decided to stay with the team Become the best starting team Because it is the only team that has won 3 matches in a row and hasn’t conceded a single goal.

Spurs have actually been in trouble since the close of the season when they couldn’t find the reins. No matter who contacted them, they were all rejected.

Until finally convinced Nuno Espirito Santo who came to make the team successfully and it only takes a short time Good contact with Spurs

because the first match was able to win “The Blues” Manchester City can also go on to beat Nuno’s former team Wolverhampton Wanderers as well.

Spurs situation That’s stuck in the wind right now. Different from rivals in the city like “cannon” Arsenal like the sky and the abyss

For the first time in history At Spurs ended the week at the top of the league. But Arsenal, however, had to sink into the plum of the table.

While Spurs haven’t conceded a goal. But the cannon had lost nine goals and not even a single shot was fired.