Holyfield defeated by knockout Belfort

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End quickly! Former world champion Holyfield defeated by knockout MMA fighter Belfort. Despite being just a big special show 8 lifts (for 2 minutes), but it was very much interest to return the ring again of E. van der Ho Lee Field, the former world heavyweight champion Giants. The 58-year-old starred in Triller Fight Club Legend II on Sunday morning, September 12.

Originally in the show, Oscar de la Hoya will face former fighter Vitor Belfort. A 44-year-old MMA fighter, De La Hoya tested positive for COVID- 19, forcing him to withdraw and Evander Holyfield, who joined boxing instead.

However, the fight ended sooner than expected. When it was opened, Evander Holyfield was the one who immediately walked towards the punch jab to attack continuously. But then in the end, lifted back to miss the punch of Vitor Belfort, turn upside down for the referee to count to 8, but gritted his teeth up.

Which after that is a former UFC champion who does not let a golden opportunity chase. After releasing a big punch against Holyfield in a big way, but in defense. Causing the referee to decide to end the fight in the end and raising a hand to Victor Belfort to win the TKO. Went only for the first round (total time 110 seconds).