“Harper”, the only daughter of Beckham

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A moment later, she became a young girl entering her teenage years for “Harper”, the only daughter of a world-famous superstar couple. “David-Victoria Beckham

As many people know that. The Beckham House has four heirs: Brooklyn (22 years), Romeo (19), Cruz (16), and the only girl of the brothers. She is Harper, who just turned 10 years old on July 10, 2021.

For Harper Seven Beckham is the daughter that both David and Victoria have been waiting for a long time after the first three were all sons. By younger Harper was born in Los Angeles, California, United States in 2011. During which time he is a football player. With the LA Galaxy, a famous major league team.

With bright cuteness and a face modeled after his father, a former footballer with her mother, a famous ex-singer-designer Make Harper is loved by everyone in the family. Especially the 3 handsome brothers who are very fond of the youngest sister. Fans can see from the boys’ Instagram that they often feature pictures of Harper as part of their lives.

Harper had a special interest in the arts. Now studying at the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts Ltd celebrated institution of art, located in London, England in the sport of football, she still has extraordinary skills. Because the younger brother always wears shoes to go out and chase football with his father and brothers regularly.

For anyone who wants to follow cute photos of Harper, you can follow him on Instagram. harperbeckham_fashion created by fans which now has more than 1 hundred thousand followers It can be said that if the younger brother grows up to be able to play and take care of social media by himself. Guaranteed to be hot, not allergic to all 3 brothers for sure.