Aimi Matsushima, Gravure shooting

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Having said that, she has already stepped up to be the country’s top gravure model. “Miracle Body” Aimi Matsushima, a former X- rated ring girl who competes in K-1 boxing after serving for a long time since 2017

Aimi Matsushima, after A 29-year-old Saitama prefecture’s label-bearer, her contract with K-1 has expired, she has decided to turn her head into the modeling industry. And the entertainment industry full body after she previously had some kind of cute and clear photoshoot,

But with the latest of her work, I must say that it’s more brutal than before with an older age that made her change the role from the genre. cute Come to be the most sensual and sexy. There is also a behind-the-scenes reveal of the photoshoot for fans to see.

In which she opened up an interview about her return to the industry through, a popular Japanese website. “I originally had confidence in my body (laughs). I was able to use my body to model to attract more people. So for me, gravure is what makes me happy.”

“My selling point in photoshoots is I have a well-proportioned bust and hips, which I think can please the fans.”

Let’s take a look at what happened behind the scenes of the photoshoot, but of course, the photographer has to have a lot of patience to get a picture that’s as beautiful as the one we see in the foreground.